Rocket Fuel

The gentle option when extra iron is needed

  • Iron deficiency anemia may hinder babyʼs brain and nervous system development1-3
  • Contains a full 90 mg of iron with Ferr-Ease®, a patented combination of carbonyl iron and ferrous gluconate
  • The comfort of calcium citrate—for less gas and bloating than other calcium salts4
  • Docusate sodium to help relieve the frequent problem of constipation during pregnancy5
  • Optimized with 300 mg algae-based, pure, preformed lifeʼsDHA® —meets worldwide consensus recommendations for pregnancy and lactation6
  • Gluten- and lactose-free

CitraNatal® 90 DHA prescribing information

  • *Source Healthcare Analytics PHAST database. Accessed October 15, 2012.
  • Since the life'sDHA® is encapsulated with materials containing animal byproducts, it is not considered "vegetarian." Please discuss any dietary concerns with your doctor.
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