Rocket Fuel

Prenatal nutrition in tune with her life

  • Trusted, gentle formula—the proven comfort of calcium citrate helps minimize gas and bloating1
  • Gentle carbonyl iron—known for tolerability, absorption, and safety with less gastrointestinal toxicity than iron salts2
  • Constipation relief—gentle docusate sodium helps ease the constipation that often accompanies pregnancy3
  • 260 mg lifeʼsDHA® optimizes benefits for baby with pure, preformed, algae-source DHA
  • Easygoing simplicity—just one vanilla-scented gel cap, once a day, helps enhance compliance
  • Gluten- and lactose-free

CitraNatal Harmony® prescribing information

  • *Source Healthcare Analytics PHAST database. Accessed October 15, 2012.
  • Since the life'sDHA® is encapsulated with materials containing animal byproducts, it is not considered "vegetarian." Please discuss any dietary concerns with your doctor.
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