Savings to feel good about.

Pay as little as $25* a month with the CitraNatal Savings Card.

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Because baby's development is important... and mama's comfort matters too.

A recent March of Dimes survey reports:

Only 33%
of women knew the importance of calcium during pregnancy

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Prenatal Health & Nutrition Survey. Survey conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of March of Dimes. August 2017.

Supporting the journey from start to finish

CitraNatal® Rx Nutritionals provide nutritional support for baby and comfort for mama using carefully chosen, high quality ingredients:

IRON (Ferr-Ease® Dual Iron)

  • Helps protect against premature birth and low birth weight1
  • Formulated for tolerability, absorption, and safety2,3

CALCIUM (Calcium Citrate)

  • Aids development of baby’s bones and teeth4
  • Highly absorbable calcium, less gas and bloating for mama5,6


  • Helps build baby’s healthy brain and eyes7
  • Fish-free, plant-based supplement—no fishy burps for mama!


  • Helps protect baby’s brain and spine8

STOOL SOFTENER (Docusate Sodium)||

  • Helps mama stay regular9,10
  • Other CitraNatal® ingredients include Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E§, Thiamin#, Riboflavin#, Niacinamide#, Iodine#, Copper#, and Zinc#.

All CitraNatal Rx Nutritionals are gluten and lactose free

  • Present in all products except for CitraNatal Bloom®.
  • §Present in all products except for CitraNatal Bloom® and CitraNatal B-Calm®.
  • ||Present in all products except for CitraNatal B-Calm®.
  • Present in all products except for CitraNatal Harmony®.
  • #Present only in CitraNatal Assure® and CitraNatal® 90 DHA.